For many, the thought of starting a career can be daunting. Martini & Grey realizes our responsibility to supply candidates with as much information as possible in their career search. Our consultants will work with you throughout all stages of the hiring process.


Martini & Grey encourages candidates to view the employment marketplace as a series of discreet opportunities. We do not look at our candidates as mere commodities.  Matching candidates and clients to create a lasting relationship is our goal. With this in mind, some candidates will be presented a number of opportunities. For others, the focus may be on one primary opportunity. This will vary depending on degree, school attended, work experience, leadership and other factors specific to each particular opening.


We at Martini & Grey see many different styles and formats of resumes. Generally, there is a style and presentation that we have found to be effective, and our consulting professionals may make suggestions on improving a resume so it can be used as the most effective tool possible. It can be difficult to describe an effective resume, but it is easily recognized.


The interview prep generally consists of two segments. First is the general interview prep which helps the candidate hone his/her interviewing skills in a general way, thus making for successful overall presentation. The second segment of preparation is aimed at a specific position or client with which the candidate is interviewing. Martini & Grey also encourages candidates to brief their consultant after each interview to share concerns and facts of the interview.  We will then follow up with the company for feedback on the interview, so as gauge interest and give the candidate insight into how their interviewing skills are viewed by the company.


Martini & Grey will stay actively involved when the process moves to the offer stage. An offer can either be presented by the client or by Martini & Grey. This is the stage where effective communication between all parties involved is a must.