Q. Is there is any fee involved for job seekers using Martini & Grey's service?
A. No. Martini & Grey’s fees are paid by its client companies. It is 100% free for applicants.

Q. How does the application process begin?
A. Apply to Martini & Grey using the on-line form on this
website. This is very important, because without this step it is not guaranteed that Martini & Grey consultants will know that you have applied. In addition, you may also email or fax a resume to Martini & Grey.

Q. How long does the process take?
A. Most positions will encompass 2-4 interviews before a hire.
Martini & Grey will represent our applicants and attempt to expedite the hiring process as much as possible.

Q. Does Martini & Grey place people in temporary positions?
A. No. Our positions are full time, permanent placement
positions only. All positions also require a four year B.A. or B.S. college degree.

Q. Does Martini & Grey only require phone screens, or do you meet with your applicants personally?
A. Martini & Grey consultants meet with all local applicants
personally. In our opinion, we can represent applicants more accurately and effectively by meeting in person. In most cases, it is a one time face to face meeting in our office.

(Out of state candidates may not require a face to face appointment)